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Infinity x Boardworks

Infinity are now working with Boardworks and Surf City will be the first to have these boards!


Ohana and M&M sups by Boardworks in stock

Tons of new stand up paddleboards by Boardworks now in stock! Ohana, Morelli & Melvin (M&M SUPs), plus lots of the new Boardworks paddles. Come check them out!!!


SUP on display!

Come check out our new section of SUPS from Boardworks and more! If you live in the Wrightsville Beach or Wilmington areas, we are the premiere SUP shop! We have everything you could possibly need for Stand Up Paddle boarding and if it's not in stock,we'll order it for you! Come check us out.


Some new stuff from Boardworks

Boardworks SUP debuted a bunch of new product at the Outdoor show. Guess what? We've got it all coming!


Surf City Team and Boardworks Team Rider, Haywood Newkirk's new bad boys

Haywood's custom XL M&M and 10'6 Ohana trainer showed up today and man do they look fast. Haywood's old, but he's about to show some of these young fools up on his new equipment!!!

About the Ohana:
From Boardworks:
Ohana developed the 12-6 and 14 TR (Touring/Race) to be an all around design for any level of paddler who may want to paddle for fitness training, pleasure or competitive racing. The cutting nose entry and stable rail and bottom contours make this shape perform extremely well in rough and windy conditions into the wind, down wind and mixed swells. In flat water conditions the TR series has a smooth entry and great tail release, being one of the most quiet designs that Ohana has produced.

The 10’6 TR is a smaller fun version of the 12’6 and 14′ TR’s. With the same design characteristics , it was built for juniors or smaller men and women that want the same speed and stability attributed to the 12’6 & 14′, without the additional length and volume. Fun, Fast and stable, the 10’6 TR completes the quiver for the whole family.
The Ohana TR series construction: 1 pound EPS foam, epoxy resins over 2 layers fiberglass top and bottom with another layer within the console area. Deck is gloss and polish with a sanded bottom finish. Shape includes a domed deck to repel water over the top surface and a flat console for foot placement. Console runs out the tail to remove any water which may wash onto the deck area. The boards come with a deck pad. Race fin is not included.
MSRPs: 10’6 Ohana TR – $1690 12’6 Ohana TR – $1790 14′ Ohana TR – $1890


Lots of new boards in at Surf City!

Boardworks has delivered several displacement style hulls for us in the Stand Up Paddle Board department.

We now have the Raven, along with the V1 and the Switchblade from C4.  The Raven is only $1200 and is one of the best touring boards on the planet. Stable, comfortable, fast and economical. Great for anyone wanting to explore, fish from, gain fitness or even compete in some of the local races on. While the C4 boards are also great for touring, they're even better for open ocean paddling and downwinders. 
Word has it that the elusive M&M boards, as well as, the new Ohanas will be here soon to!

In the meantime, check out this cool trailer for That First Glide, about SUP.


Welcome to the team, Miles Abernathy & Haywood Newkirk!

Surf City Surf Shop, the leader in SUP for Southeastern NC, welcomes Miles Abernathy and Haywood Newkirk to the Stand Up Paddleboard Team. Both guys bring a lot to our team and are leaders for their respective generations in SUP and both did great at Distressed Mullet's Carolina Cup. Look for them out on the water on the latest Boardworks paddleboards.


Video of Carolina Cup

Wrightsville Beach, NC Stand Up Paddle Boarding at it's finest. Stop by Surf City Surf Shop for the latest in SUP equipment.


Team Surf City and Boardworks make big showing @ Carolina Cup!

Haywood Newkirk, Chris Curry, Miles Abernathy and Doug Ellis all make a strong showing while Anthony Vela dominates! Awesome event, thanks to Distressed Mullet and WPA, WBPC for putting it on.


Carolina Cup this weekend!

Be there! Stop by Surf City for all your Stand Up Paddle Board needs. Surf City SUP, the leader in Stand Up for Wrightsville Beach and all of South Eastern NC.


C4 SUP 12'6 Switchblade, 14' V1 and Pohaku Wide Glide series now available for rent!

Don't have the cash for a new board? Well, don't worry because you can now rent the entire line up of C4 Waterman's Pohaku Wide Glide series in 10', 10'6 and 11', as well as, C4 Waterman's elite V1 14' racer and 12'6 Switchblade.
Come by and try out a race SUP board from C4 only at Surf City!
$50 a day for the racers and $40 for the C4 Pohaku Wide Glide.

Surf City, your one stop source in Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach NC areas for anything SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) related!


From Distressed Mullet: Come check out team M&M's @ Surf City

Boardworks Team Rider, Anthony Vela coming to Carolina Cup

Boardworks is shipping 2 new custom 14′ M&M’s for he and Curry that will be delivered at Surf City prior to their arrival. Bill Gassett has been loving his M&M 14.
Here’s a video:
Boardworks attends the 2011 Hanohano Ocean Challenge at San Diego’s Bonita Cove. Anthony Vela takes 2nd place in the stock class on a Boardworks/ M&M Carbon 12’6″.
Boardworks Surf at the 2011 Hanohano Ocean Challenge from Boardworks Surf on Vimeo.

Thanks Distressed Mullet and Boardworks!


New Boardworks Raven 12'6 Touring SUP on it's way to Surf City

Boardworks Raven 12'6" from Boardworks Surf on Vimeo.

Coming to the shop in April, the 12'6 Boardworks Raven and Joyride series!!!

Boardworks Joyride softdeck SUP intro from Boardworks Surf on Vimeo.
Come take a look at the best selection of Stand Up Paddle Boards in Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach NC at Surf City Surf Shop! Everything you need to SUP Wilmington NC and

SUP Wrightsville Beach NC !


New Boards arrived today at Surf City, including the new C4 Raimana Pro!


- Intermediate up to 200 lbs
- Advanced up to 225 lbs.


Born during Raimana’s epic quest to master the monstrous Tahitian surf on a stand-up surfboard, The C4 Waterman Raimana Model grooves into brutally hollow surf breaks like Teahupoo that grind up and spit out the bones of all but the sleekest and purest designs. Along with Raimana, C4 head Designer Dave Parmenter has cobbled together input from some of the biggest names in big-wave/high-performance SUP surfing pioneer SUPers like Brian Keaulana, Archie Kalepa, Greg Pavao, Nolan Martin, and Todd Bradley. The result? Stand-up surfing’s first supercar: an ultra-high-performance jet-sled and the first stand-up surfboard that doesn’t want to run away from the juiciest part of the meanest waves. Channel Bottom, Swallow Tail for progressive surfing.


Height: 9'8"
Nose: 16 5/8"
Width: 28 9/16"
Tail: 18 1/2"
Thickness: 3 3/4"
Weight: 23.5 lbs
Fins Included: Five fin boxes, 4 FCS, 1 Standard Center Box


Liters: n/a


Price: $1470 usd



Fresh from Boardworks, we've got the new 9'8 Raimana C4, Some of the new price-point Boardworks EPX SUPs and tons of new Pahu Pahu paddles, as well as, the new Carbon Kevlar 7.9' bladed C4 paddles. Come take a look at the best selection of Stand Up Paddle Boards in Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach NC at Surf City Surf Shop! Everything you need to SUP Wilmington NC and
SUP Wrightsville Beach NC !

SUPs ruled as surf craft!

Everything you need to SUP Wilmington NC and 
SUP Wrightsville Beach NC !


Anthony Vela and the Boardworks M & M 12'6

Boardworks attends the 2011 Hanohano Ocean Challenge at San Diego's Bonita Cove. Anthony Vela takes 2nd place in the stock class on a Boardworks/ M&M Carbon 12'6".
These boards are insanely fast and available for custom order only right now, but production versions will be hitting the rack here at Surf City in early May. Stop by to see the only SUP store on Wrightsville Beach and the exclusive dealer of Boardworks for the Wilmington / Wrightsville Beach NC areas.


Ohana Paddleboards and Boardworks Team up...coming soon to Surf CIty

Surf City will be the first surf shop in Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach and Southeast NC to offer the new Ohana SUPs from Boardworks this Spring. This is big news!

(Encinitas, Ca) January 20, 2011–Bob Reed and Russell Coble, co-founders of Ohana Paddle Board company announced today that they have selected Encinitas based Boardworks to manufacture and sell their new category of S.U.P. boards, worldwide.  Reed noted, “Our objective is to work with BW to bring a new collection of higher performance boards to a much broader user group. We will marry the speed of our custom boards with new more stable boards suitable for touring, fitness paddling and citizen racing. The new boards are light, fast and stable.”
Boardworks’ Mike Fox noted, “We are flattered that Ohana would select Boardworks to manufacture and market their new boards. Their reputation for performance race boards is virtually unmatched despite their modesty about their successes. They have won 30 of the 42 events they have entered including wins in the Molokai, The Catalina Classic, the Battle of the Paddle in Hawaii and Dana Point, the Worlds in Australia, plus the International and US Championships. Our recent expansion of our inland and coastal waters dealer network will help provide much greater consumer access to these fantastic new products. It will be a great opportunity to bring Ohana technology to more paddlers. We have a special build in mind that will combine all the performance elements in a stable and user-friendly construction. We hope to introduce the new boards by late Spring.”
About Ohana Paddle Board Company:
Ohana Paddle Board Company was founded in 1996 by Bob Reed and Russel Coble, two high school buddies from Orange County. Their passion for the oceanic lifestyle marked the advent of Ohana prone paddleboards in 1996; Russell’s race experience in outriggers, surfskis and paddleboards and Bob’s talent for design and manufacturing soon led to an unbelievable success in high performance paddling: in the ensuing years Ohana won almost every major paddle race in the world.
The Ohana SUP boards were introduced in 2008 with the idea to take the speed of their paddle boards to the Stand Up category. The outcome was amazing: at the Battle of the Paddle they took first in Men’s Open, and Women’s elite, and a second in Men’s Elite.
Their current roster includes Rob Rojas, Tom Gallagher, Will Rechenstein, Jared Vargas, Maggie Hogan, Eric Stearns, Dick and Dane Deboer, and Julie Wolf.
For information go to http://www.ohanapaddle.com/

Stand up paddle boarding in Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington NC just got faster.


Chris Curry Q&A on WPA

Chris Curry, Surf City and Boardworks SUP team rider and Wrightsville Beach / Wilmington NC native talks about his stand up paddle boarding career on the WPA site.
Take a look:

Come learn to SUP / Stand Up Paddle with Chris in the waters of Wrightsville Beach;
check out

Everything you need to SUP Wilmington NC !


Boardworks, C4, PSH and Rusty unveil new SUP goodness for 2011:

As you can see, there's all sorts of new stuff coming down the pipe from the team at Boardworks, including wood veneer Rusty SUPs with 2 new sizes added to the lineup, Paddle Surf Hawaii SUPs will now be coming with traction, C4 SUP has the 9'8 Raimana SUP,  14" Vx-1 racer and the 12'6 Switchblade, while Boardworks has the 12'6 Raven touring board that will be constructed with the high end "TEC" (thermal epoxy compression) and will only be $1200! Plus the Joyride, a super stable entry-level board and of course, the inflatable SHUBU, now in new sizes that are extra wide. 
Boardworks, C4 Waterman, Rusty, Paddle Surf Hawaii, Ohana and Dennis Pang Paddleboards all now exclusively available to the Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach areas only at Surf City Surf Shop.
Stay tuned and stop by the shop!
Everything you need to SUP Wilmington NC and 
SUP Wrightsville Beach NC !